Project Haiti 2009

A great success.

Project Haiti 2009 was an incredible experience. We provided medical care to just under 900 people over 5 days of clinic. Our 20+ suitcases of toys, clothing, toiletries, and medicines came back empty. As medical students we learned invaluable lessons about medicine, international outreach, community, and humanity.

Problems we saw.

The majority of the illness we encountered last year were things that are very easily treated, that would not have been allowed to progress in the US. Infectious disease is huge, and antibiotic are a mainstay. Parasites are also rampant, to the point that we basically treat everyone for them regardless of symptoms.

In addition, we saw diseases that are often thought of as “first world”. Things like hypertension and diabetes are beginning to affect the populations we saw. Chronic illnesses like these pose a unique challenge to short-term medical outreach trips like ours, as successful treatment requires constant management and supply of medications. We hope to expand the services we can offer these people every year.