Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday, March 3:

  • 7 am: Breakfast.

  • 8 am: The team split into two today. One team of 4 students stayed behind with our adult medicine physician and our OB/GYN to run clinic at HCM and to help set up the OR for tomorrow’s surgeries. The rest of the student, faculty, dental, and pharm teams headed for a mobile clinic at Bertrand.

  • 9 am: Arrive at our base site in the mountains and then hike up to Bertrand for clinic. Quite a hike and we were grateful for help with our bags of supplies and medications!

  • 9:30 am – 4:15 pm: Mobile clinic at Bertrand. We saw 106 patients, 33 patients at HCM, and many more dental patients (they were too busy for patient tracking today!).

  • 5 pm: All teams back at HCM for unpacking and re-packing bags, rest time. Dental team continues working.

  • 7 pm: Dinner, team meeting, more prep time. Then team free time!

Thoughts from the team for today provided by Kaylie S and Ariel A.

Team Time!View from the DriveAD and JKHiking to BertrandBertrand PrepClinic in BertrandBertrand ClinicPharm Hard at Work!Hiking down the mountainMR Rides a DonkeyDinner!

Today the team split, with half of us going to a mobile clinic and half of us staying at the HCM clinic.

The mobile clinic group embraced our inner mountain climbers, and after a thirty minute drive into the mountains, we hiked a beautiful “path” up to the top. It was a tough thirty minute climb with all of the supplies, but well worth it. The appreciativeness of the Haitian citizens is overwhelming, as they ran both up and down the strenuous mountain to help us in carrying our supplies. Once at the top, we set up a very creative clinic in a small room. We were able to fit a small OB screening room, a pediatric section, a pharmacy, and many other important components. The team worked well together for a very efficient 5 hours, where we were able to provide health screenings and medications for over 100 people. The highlight of the day, in my opinion, was Sam providing reading glasses to the patients. After some of the women saw their new look, they literally strutted out of the clinic to show off to their friends! We are dusty, sore, sleepy, and happy from an incredible day!

The small group that stayed at HCM spent the day seeing patients in clinic as well as prepping the OR for the surgical procedures scheduled tomorrow. As the mobile clinic group set out, we carried our bags downstairs and were greeted by many patients already waiting for us. We were able to both see patients (30-40 in all) and spend time counseling patients in the pharmacy throughout the morning and into the afternoon. After lunch, we cleaned, organized and sorted supplies so we could be fully prepared for the surgeries that will take place tomorrow. To wrap up the day, a couple of us assisted the Dental team as they returned from the mobile site and set up their evening clinic. Although we didn’t travel too far from our Haitian home, we certainly had an action packed day!