Arrival and Saturday, March 1, 2014

Project Haiti 2014 has started! We have all arrived safely at HCM in Fonds Parisien and we really appreciate your interest in our blog. We are very sorry for the delay but many thanks to Edwens for setting us up with his phone hotspot on the HCM campus this evening. We will unfortunately not be posting pictures until we return but we have been documenting everything to post when we are back with slightly more reliable internet access!

Every day we are planning to post an itinerary so you all can see what we’ve been doing, and then we’ve asked some students to share their experiences. We hope that by asking different students to post that this will help all of you have a better idea of the trip instead of just one person’s insights, but also please note that these are our own personal thoughts and opinions and only represent the person who wrote them. Please feel free to email or your student and we will reply as often as the internet allows. Thank you!

Saturday, March 1:

  • 4 am: Meet at UF to load up vans and drive to Fort Lauderdale. Arrive at the Kalehoff’s home for a delicious breakfast. Thank you to the Kalehoff family!

  • 1:05 pm: Depart for Port au Prince from Fort Lauderdale.

  • 3:30 pm: Arrive PAP and meet up with Gilbert, one of our favorite translators from last year. Clear customs then head to HCM by bus.

  • 6 pm: Arrive HCM, unpack and enjoy a delicious dinner.

  • 8 pm: Team meeting and med packing. Then team free time!

Thoughts from the team for today provided by John A (please see below the photos).

Early Bus Ride!    Vitamin Sorting at FLL    En Route    Arrival at PAP    Supplies!

Pro Haiti MR, MM, and Edwens Medication Sorting

You know that feeling when you watch a sun rise? When you have that moment where you realize today’s the start of a new day, and that anything’s possible. That you have another chance to try and make a difference in the world. Another day full of unpredictable possibilities.  That’s how today started. The words that were buzzed around with excitement throughout the group and the words that were on the forefront of everyone’s minds were “We’re going to Haiti.” We’re finally going to be going. We have planned for months in advance, with our trip leaders giving every ounce of their beings to hold every piece of this trip together from the very beginning. Figuring out logistics, raising money, figuring out financing, determining all sorts of odds and ends that come along with setting up fully functional mobile clinics in a developing country for a week, along with coordinating a full pharmacy team and a dental team to help provide the best possible care that we can. And this was the tone that was set. That feeling that all the hard work was finally coming to fruition, and that anything is possible.

I’m constantly awed and humbled by the abilities of my peers, and being surrounded by this group of people is no different. People’s talents show in so many ways. Their intelligence, their musical capabilities, their ability to organize and entertain. Their perseverance and dedication. But what has really struck me the most starting on this trip is their ability to break language barriers with their compassion, their desire to help those in need, and to work as a team to help accomplish our goals. We may have come from different backgrounds and healthcare professional schools, and different factors have led us to join this trip for different reasons. But we arrived in Haiti as one and our goals are the same. We are Project Haiti. What this journey will bring for us during the rest of the week is unknown, but I do know that we will go through this together. And though we are standing watching the sunrise full of optimism, I know that we will make the most of our journey in order to seize the day.