Arrival and Saturday, February 28, 2015

We have arrived in Ayiti Cheri! The journey was remarkably smooth and I believe this can be attributed to the cohesiveness of the team. The strengths of this team were apparent to me from the very first team meeting back in October. Although we are from various disciplines, cultures, and backgrounds, we all share the same dedication to service to the people of Haiti and to each other. We arrived at HCM and received a warm welcome complete with an amazing meal and great accommodations. As soon as we finished eating, with many of us running on four to five hours of sleep, we immediately got to work unpacking and organizing supplies as well as sorting medications. Every member of the team pitched in and we were able to completely unpack and organize over 30 suitcases and duffle bags in less than 2 hours! I have very high hopes for this team and for what we will bring to the Haitian people. I am excited to see how well we work together over the next week!

Yesterday morning, we saw the sun rise from the windows of team vans and buses as we traveled from Gainesville to Fort Lauderdale to fly to Haiti. It’s quite a feat for 30 people to travel together on a complicated international trip with multiple modes of transportation and 65 pieces of luggage, but our leaders led us without pause and we arrived safely at HCM yesterday evening to a warm, home-cooked, authentic Haitian meal and great start to our trip. We all worked late into the night apportioning medications and re-arranging our mobile clinic supplies. This morning, we awoke to our first glimpse of the Caribbean sun in the form of the early morning orange glow coming over the mountains and shining on the lake that’s just down the hill from our Haitian home in Fonds Parisien. For those of us who slept out on the roof last night under a starry sky, this was a picturesque reminder of what a privilege it is to travel to Haiti and to come alongside our friends and neighbors here to bring medical care to people here who are in need. We are excited for the week ahead!